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Re: [BKARTS] scroll, codex... misconceptions

Perhapd the Encyclopedia Brittanica is mistaken. I quoted their 11th Edition
(which see) under the heading of "parchment".

While papyrus was indeed widley exported, it seems, there came a time under
Ptolemey when it was not.

"The new manufacture (of parchment) was traditionally attributed to Eumenes
II, of Pergamum, 197-158 BC. The common story, as told by Pliny on the
authority of Varro, is that Eumenes, when seeking to enlarge the library of
his capital, was opposed by the jealosiy of the Ptolemies, who forbade the
export of papyrus from Egypt , thus hoping to check the growth of the rival
library; and that the Pergamene king was thus compelled to the old custom of
using skins as writing material"

However, if ones reads further, the article states that "it is needless to
regard this story as literally true, or as other than a popular explanation
of a great development of the manufacture of skin material for books in the
reign of Eumenes."

While this may or may  not be a myth, it is a plausible explanation and may
contain at least a grain of truth as most myths do.

Ed Stansell

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