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[BKARTS] more thoughts regarding AIC certification

I commend and support the efforts made by the AIC to develop a Code of
Ethics and to keep tackling the issue of certification.

It is in the nature of any body of knowledge once a critical mass has been
reached to question what defines it.
In the conservation profession there appears to be a general agreement that
a need for some type of organization and standardization of this body of
knowledge has arisen.

Regarding certification the following questions arose for me:

What is the umbrella under which different schools of thought may co-exist?
What is the least common denominator that can be found and still be viable?

What is the role of the AIC?
If it is spearheading attempts at coming to grips with a growing body of
knowledge and the proliferation of levels of conservation activities i am
full heartedly in support of these attempts.
Refer to Bylaws of the AIC, Section I: Purposes 1; 2

However if certification is tied to being a dues paying member of the AIC i
would consider it a limiting, exclusive and in no way binding effort and in
the end counter productive.
My reading of point 3 of the Bylaws would support the notion that
ultimately certification should take place outside of the AIC in the
attempt to move certification towards being generally accepted and binding.

Already alluded to in point 2 f of the Bylaws, the Code of Ethics and
Guidelines for Practice need to find expression in guidelines accepted by
federal, state and local government agencies which would provide a basis
which would be binding for schools which seek accreditation.
To pull all these aspects together and to become an established profession
is a daunting task.
I believe that everything is constantly developing. We create rules in the
attempt to chart a course. We make the rules it is up to us to break them,
what are we afraid of?

Gudrun Aurand
Bookbinder/Conservator (self-professed)
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-5610
e-mail: aurandg@wsu.edu

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