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Re: [BKARTS] more thoughts regarding AIC certification

It may be just my personal slant on things, but I I see the AIC as an elitest
organization. When I was a member, I applied for a professional
associateship. When asked where I had trained, I said that I had apprenticed
under my dad. They asked if I could document that. I could not because my
father had died quite some time ago. However by the time of my application I
had been a professional bookbinder for nearly thirty years and had
specialized in book restoration for nearly fifteen years. They said that I
could not become a professional associate because my training could not be
adequately documented. I said that I could attest to it and noted that when I
was trained there was no place in the U.S. to train other than in an
apprenticeship. I then offered samples of my work and letters of
recommendation from libraries and museums for whom I had done restoration.
Their reply was the same. I could not sufficiently document my training. I
then posed this question. If my daughter, who is also a professional
bookbinder were to apply for a professional associateship, and was at least a
two year member of the AIC, as I was;  would it be granted. The AIC response
was, "if she could document her training."  I answered that she indeed could
document her training, because I had trained her. I was told, "Well, yes, she
could be a professional associate, provided that you would supply a letter
stating the details and dates of the training"  I was shocked, though I don't
know why. Afterall they are headquartered in Washinton, DC.  Is there a way
to make this make sense? My daughter whom I taught was eligible, but her
teacher was not.  As I pondered the irony of the situation, I could swear I
saw a white rabbit run by muttering something about being late for a tea
party at the mad hatter's.

Ed Stansell

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