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Re: [BKARTS] more thoughts regarding AIC certification

   Ed raises an important issue for a lot of us with his reservations about the
AIC.  Just what is it that the AIC is prepared to certify: the abilities of
people from a wide spectrum of training and educational backgrounds,or those of
only a carefully defined group selected from their own membership?  There is, in
fact an international organization which deals with standards for various kinds
of technical groups.  My husband is a systems engineer for Cisco and used to go
to the sessions for computer standards as part of his job.   The European
Community has been working on this very issue for a while now, since conservators
from the various member countries have the right to work anywhere within the EEC
but come from a variety of training programs.   Isn't this the proper community
for the AIC and all the rest of us to talk to?
   Certainly Ed is right.  There is, indeed, good reason to ask binders,
conservators, and those of no title at all "What do you know and what can you do"
in a fair and balanced fashion.  If the question is to be instead, "Did you learn
at a place we approved of?" the process can be of use and interest only to the
organizing body, be it the AIC or any other.
  Dorothy Africa

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