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Re: [BKARTS] more thoughts regarding AIC certification

In my experience organizations like the AIC and GBW represent mostly (but not always) the basic rank and file practitioners.  With or without certification, it seems people who seriously use conservators rely more on the work they see done, and less on organizations' approval or disapproval of a technician.  Organizations like to see themselves as representative of the highest goals and values of a field, but in actuality, eventually are reduced to the least common denominator, while their higherarchy is held to represent "the best", and this is frequently a specious assumption.
     There are many very talented, ethical and inspired people outside both these organizations, and a plethora of barely or just moderatly skilled people in the organizations, wchich is fine, but don't presume to use an organizations' criteria to certify or not certify others (both in and out).  It seems the larger an organization becomes the more it becomes full of crapola.
     Poor work will eventually reveal itself, it alway does, no matter what letters you put after your name.  Good work doesn't need approval or certification.  I'm not saying that I don't think there is potential for the idea of proper certification. I'm saying it isn't going to come from the AIC or GBW and maintain any credibility with people who know there stuff.
     Also there are people in these organizations who propound ethical values and business practices and research protocol, or sit on "ethics boards" while actually being blind to their own lack of business/moral compass. I have seen and experienced this.  These are frequently the same people clammering for certification.  Once agin-my opinion- I could be wrong.

Bruce Levy
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