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Re: [BKARTS] Designing poetry books-

Hi, Katie.

At the risk of sounding flippant, instead of looking for books on how to
design poetry books, I suggest the best source of all: your imagination!
Browse through poetry books at your local library and bookstore and see the
multitude of designs, typefaces, etc., that have been used. Make a few
notes about what you liked or did not like in the designs you studied.
Then, back at your studio/workshop, start doing some layout ideas. You will
come up with a lot, I am sure, all based on your direct experience rather
than someone else's idea of what a poetry book should look like.

Poetry has its own form as well, whether a sonnet, free verse, haiku, etc.
Concrete poetry is a page design in itself. For this reason, one could say
poetry books almost design themselves

I have the Wilson book and Burke's PRINTING IT in my how-to library. They
are both very good and worth a long look.

+++++++ K.

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