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[BKARTS] AIC Certification for an outsider

I have expertise in several fields some of which have programs of
certification. I am not convinced that this really helps the "ART" overall.
It does save non-knowledgable people from having to work to determine your
qualification. In fields where I am "expert" I have many superior skills to
those trained in a cirricullum as I learn what is needed for an application
rather than plumb the shallows for what I have been taught. These cirricula
frequently cause university and other centers of learning to judge your
teaching ability based on core material (important!) however same people
would lose highly skilled specialist  like Book Artists because the have no
experience in landscape watercolors to maintain a standard. IN the end you
end up with highly trained core cirricula teachers and ALOT of valuable
skills are lost (sometimes found again). Artists as a whole need some basics
but there are truly talented people who have specialized early with a very
broad knowledge of a specific topic. These people would fall thru the great
certifications cracks. We do not need to become walmart artists/conservators
we need specialists. IS it difficult YES! But what of importance isn't.
One final note In may area they are begining to require "record specialists"
for clerical jobs these are people specially trained to file papers in the
appropriate folders/filing systems in alphabetical order!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do we
really want to be certified!


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