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[BKARTS] red wagon bookworks

Hello Book Arts & Letterpressers:

A number of you in the past year have asked to be placed on the Red Wagon
Bookworks mailing list, and this is great. Though I appreciate it
immensely, I have to be honest now and tell you that all those times that I
thought I was backing up the database? Well... it turns out I wasn't. So
quite a large number of you were suddenly dumped off the list a few months
ago when our computer gave up the ghost. Now that we have a swivley new
iMac, and now that I know better about exactly how one backs up
information, I humbly ask you all again to let us know if you'd like to be
a part of our mailing list.

We send out a catalog every now and then, and a very occasional email
update called The Red Wagon Dispatch, which is usually more about the
written word than it is about selling things. Plus, we have a new name in
the works (don't ask).

If you'd like to be part of all this fun and glamour, drop me a line off-list:


I'll check to see if you're on the list already, and if you're not, I'll
add you in, and I promise never to be so stupid again. And if I ever am
this stupid again, I promise not to tell anyone. You can also reach us
through the links on our website.

John, for

John Cutrone & Seth Thompson
Red Wagon Bookworks
Lake Worth, Florida

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