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[BKARTS] question on title

I am currently working on a project where I am using a poem by another
writer. The poem has a title and my response to it is in the form of a
constructed box. The poem  will be inserted in the work as part of the
internal structure of the piece, in pamphlet form. My question is: if I want
to put my own title to this work, but still want to have the poem's title on
the piece, where do I put the two titles and how do I distinguish between the

As an aside: a while back there was a discussion of copyright on the list.For
this poem I needed to find out about this issue and I contacted the original
publisher. Here is his information.

"FYI: The copyright law is that books published pre 1923 are in the public
         Books published between the years of 1923 and 1978 enjoy a
copyright protection of 95 years from first publication.
         and books published after 1978 enjoy copyright protection of life
of the author plus 70 years."

Thank you.

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