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[BKARTS] Pop-Up Book Show in Paris

I have gotten a couple of emails back about this event. I really don't
know anything about it but what is printed below...

I got questions like: How much is a Euro.... Right now, a Euro is around
a 1 USDollar. There are many websites that
will tell you the currency conversions daily. Here's one:

What are the Paris flea markets. Check out the website. They are just
yards of "stuff" sold by people and I guess
there are many locations of them around Paris.
http://www.parispuces.com/ (puces is flea in French)

To buy a pop-up catalogue contact this person: j.desse@wanadoo.fr
I have no idea how you would pay from the USA you'll have to ask this
person (Jacques).

Someone asked about the Movable Book Society: Here's the url.


Movable Books300 rare booksfrom the 16th to 21st century from 21
December 2002 to 27 January 2003

It s Christmastime at the Paris Saint-Ouen flea market!
The Dauphine Market presents an exceptional collection of 300 animated
books from the 16th to the 21st century.

While the shops and streets are lit up with Christmas decorations, the
Paris Flea Market offers you a wonderful outing. For over a month, young
and old alike can marvel at these 3D books, with endless hidden
surprises that come to life as soon as you take possession of them.

At Place du Marché Dauphine, in the heart of the Paris Saint-Ouen flea
market, a big animated decor has been staged. Visitors will be invited
to go to the floor of the market exhibition space specially fitted out
for the occasion.

Here they will discover the biggest collection of movable books ever
presented in France. Among these books will be unobtainable items such
as illustrated works from the nineteenth century, including those of the
brilliant Lothar Meggendorfer, and one of the very first pop-ups ever
published, or those rare Walt Disney books from the thirties, original
french models from the fifties, and some very interesting contemporary
productions (Jan Pienkowski, Chuck Murphy, Robert Sabuda, Katsumi
Komagata etc.).

Focussing on the world of children, the exhibition will also present
some worthy ancestors: Apianus' Cosmographia (16th century), the
Confession coupée (18th century) etc. As well as artists  books: Andy
Wharol, Dieter Roth, Maurice Henry, Pierre Etaix, etc. There will also
be a section on education: anatomy and scientific books with folding
pictures, and one dedicated to imagery, with amazing ephemeras,
peep-shows and postcards.

These animated books, also called "pop-ups", are truly interactive books
where the reader s intervention transforms the image: change of
costumes, animation of the characters, subjects appearing in relief,
etc. The exhibition will enable people to discover the extraordinary
variety of these books and the ingeniousness of their creators: folding
books, books with pull-out tabs, magical books, books of optical
illusion, musical books.

Relatively little-known in France, this sector is undergoing an
explosive come-back in the United States (800 new titles available in
English !). Two major exhibitions are currently being held: at the
Central Library of Los Angeles and at the Carolino Augusteum Museum in
Salzburg. Fans can share their enthusiasm by joining the Movable Book
Society, the International Society of Pop-up collectors.

A fascinating world which thrills children as much as the most blasé of
adults !
Come and plunge delightfully into the world of childhood, starting on 21
December 2002. Not to be missed !


Jacques Desse

Behind this exhibition lies a name, that of Jacques Desse. To this young
bookseller, established since 1999 in the Carré des Libraires
[Booksellers  Quarter] of the Marché Dauphine, trading in books is a
pleasure and a perpetual voyage of discovery. Passionately interested in
old books since his childhood, he has had a checkered career: a
furniture remover at 18, he then studied history of ideas at the Ecole
des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) [School of Higher Studies
in Social Science]; after working as an official in the Prime Minister s
Departments, he resigned in order to turn his passion into a business.
He has already held an exhibition, "Travels in Italy" in January 2001,
which was partly bought by an Italian heritage association. Today, this
enthusiast offers us another slant: the movable book. For several years
he has cadged, bought or collected these mysterious books with a
thousand facets. When deciding to present his collection, he discovered
that many enthusiasts, and even public institutions, were willing to
entrust him with their own pieces in order to enhance the exhibition
still further.

Determination, stubbornness and hard work enabled him to gather together
more than 300 pieces, from the rarest to the most amazing, all
inventoried, restored and animated for our great pleasure.

Thanks to:

Bibliothèque Villon, Rouen
Jean-Pierre FAUR
Jean-Bernard GILLOT (Librairie Ici Aussi)
Evelyne GUYOT et les Editions Albin Michel Jeunesse
Jean-Etienne HURET et la Librairie NICAISE
Françoise LEVEQUE et la Bibliothèque l'Heure Joyeuse
Brigitte MOREL et les éditions SEUIL-Jeunesse
The Movable Book Society
Georges PROUST (Musée de la Magie)
Les Editions du SEUIL
Roselyne TARDY (La Parchemine)
Christian WILLIAM
Le Marché Dauphine

At visitors  disposal:

· An exhibition catalogue
· Postcards
· Modern animated books
· Posters

Until 27 January 2003, on Saturday, Sunday, Monday

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