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Re: [BKARTS] conservation job at Harvard

Well, in a way it's good that institutions hire the people that they give "formal training" to, because in more cases than not they would not survive in the private sector.  How many "formally trained" conservators are making a good living in their field, and not employed by an institution. It keeps them off the street.  Though I could be wrong, my guess is that most sucessful private practice conservators came through apprenticeships- where much work passed through their hands.  As opposed to formally trained people whose primary bench work consisted of a few treatments over the span of 9-12 months during an internship.
     When I worked for a large institution it took some people two months to perform a treatment that should have taken a few days in the private sector.  Only an institution can justify paying saleries to these people.  Again, just my observations.

Bruce Levy

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