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Re: [BKARTS] conservation job at Harvard-look at history


Good things to think about.  Thanks.

Additionaly, someone who finds themselves serious about a field (for this case- let's take a "book conservator" or binder) the "education" or knowledge is there, in whatever form, and can readily be accumulated if one truely "wants to know", whether it is in an institutional venue or in the private sector.  I think in a large way institutions exist for it's employees, and less for their original purpose,and that's fine.  It is what it is.
     As individuals there are many sincere and hard working people employed by institutions, but what inevitably happens is the "group mind" of the institution eventually reduces everyone to the least common mean.  Individual inspiration is not what an institution seeks, no matter what they tell you.  They unknowingly start to protect their mystique with an elitism that is not based in reality.
     Thus "formal training"  can be seen as either an asset or a detriment depending on who's looking at it.  Personally I would never hire someone from a program over someone with good skills, eye and drive.
     The skills that come from handling a constant flow of different work, I think, is the thing that makes a craftsman.  The rest is "stuff", and of course "stuff" can be useful and important.  But to use the "stuff" as a criteria for standards is self serving and foolish.

Bruce Levy
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