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[BKARTS] Link :: Issue 8 :: "Codex" -- Now Available

Link :: A Critical Journal on the Arts in Baltimore and the World ::

Issue 8, "Codex," examines the book as an object in the digital era. How
does a portable, page-numbered, random-access paperback influence the way
we think, the way we write, and the way we perceive ourselves? The editors
of Link look at the seductiveness of the book, its place as the seat of the
critical impulse, and its effect on authorship, narrative, and the arts.

For more information, go to their website at <http://www.baltolink.org >.
The journal can be ordered directly from them, which seems to be easier
than Amazon...

Articles are by:

bill SEBRING, "Foreword: Le livre est mort. Vive le livre!"
megan CARBERRY, "The Bristol Art Library"
johanna DRUCKER,  "From Mallarmé to Metadata"
moira EGAN, "Bibliomancy"
mark WAGNER, "If Libraries Were Cafeterias: An Excerpt from the Novel Rare
rachel SCHREIBER, "Technologies of the Book: A Conversation with Ellen Lupton"
pam REHM, "Excerpt from Imagination and Reality"
dc CULBERTSON, "Looking Inside the Vault: The Walters' Rare Book and
Manuscript Collection"
john BARRY, "My Unread Books: Confessions of a Philistine"
david CRANDALL, "Possible and Impossible Books: Of Speed, Bodies, and the
bill SEBRING, "Zaum Zaum!"
heather McCABE, Curvature of the Spine"
inez VAN DER SPEK, "A Critical Reading: Lisa Moren's la_alma"
lauren BENDER, "The Good Book"
tj DEMOS, "Davina Grunstein & the Archaeology of the Spectacle"
cindy REHM, "Bound
caroline SAFFER, "Sporadica"
cyndi CHIAO, "art.link.letter"
elizabeth DONOVAN, "ARTeur: Visual Codex"
Poetry by Amy Lemmon, Mike Alexander, Kathryn Ugoretz, Clarinda Harriss, Jo
Ann Clark

For more information, go to their website at <http://www.baltolink.org >.
The journal can be ordered directly from them, which seems to be easier
than Amazon...

Link Arts, Incorporated was founded in 1994 by a group of Baltimore
artists, writers, and critics to create Link: A Critical Journal on the
Arts in Baltimore and the World, the first regional publication to
successfully provide for a sustained, in-depth critical examination and
dialogue on cultural topics that are local, national and international in
scope. Eight book-length journals have already been published; the eighth,
Codex, will be distributed this fall. Link is both rigorous and accessible;
the journal is unique in that it provides both (1) a forum for voices
otherwise not heard or recorded and (2) an opportunity for those histories
and traditions to claim a place in the society's ongoing cultural debates.

In the larger sense, the reach of Link Arts, Incorporated, extends beyond
the printed journal: part of Link s mission is to educate and assist in
providing a framework for critical thinking from within the arts community,
as well as educating the public in a serious, enlightening manner,
elevating arts discourse, and acting as a creative think-tank for artistic
endeavor in the region. This exploration of cultural ideas in all
disciplines (visual arts foremost, but also music, literature, history,
criticism and performance), benefits artists, writers, and critics as well,
by building a broader, more sophisticated audience for the arts and art

Continuing input from the Baltimore community is solicited through public
forums, radio interviews with the editors, an internship program, related
readings, performances, on-line events at www.baltolink.org, at cultural
festivals, symposiums, and conventions, and by modest but developing
distribution and public relations efforts. It s worth noting that the
members of the Editorial Board are prominent figures in the cultural life
of Baltimore City, and ably represent Link in their daily business of
forging connections in the community, acting as facilitators Linkers across
organizational and genre boundaries.

Link s audience is wide and diverse: it includes professionals, senior
citizens, working people, college students, independent artists, and
scholars. With 4,000 readers and event participants, Link has a growing
readership thanks to major subscribers that include the Museum of Modern
Art in New York, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC, and the Enoch
Pratt Free Library in Baltimore. Link is available at major booksellers,
arts institutions and independent bookstores and is distributed nationally
and internationally by Tower Books and Records. Link is indexed by the
Alternative Press Index and the Getty Institute's Bibliography of Art History.

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