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Re: [BKARTS] conservation job at Harvard


While I agree with you in principal, I still find elitism like a rock in the
shoe or cinder in the eye. It's difficult to ignore.  As someone said
earlier, university and museum positions are often a "plum". Why should they
be reserved for  academics who's skill lies mostly in being able to talk
about books.  I was told of a head of conservation who personally transported
his work to England with the book on his lap because there were "no qualified
bookbinders in the U.S." Most colleges and universities subsist mainly on our
tax money. To them have behave in such a cavalier manner is galling. It may
be true that the craft of bookbinding in America is not what it once was,
but, there are still talented bookbinders here.  If for no other reason than
the fact that it's insulting, I dispise elitism.


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