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Re: [BKARTS] degree or bushwacking


I'm sorry to say that neither Mozart nor Michaelangelo could get a job today
at any school in Delaware. Inclunding the University of Delaware. This I
believe because I was told by the folks in a position to know.  Mozart was
taught by his father, not an accredited school. Thus, no degree.
Michaelangelo was an apprentice. Again, no degree. The are bookbinders like
me out there that do work for the cream of society as it were and they face
the same roadblock. I produced thousands of books for Actor /Comedian Robin
Williams over a span of eleven years. I have done work for billionaires. I
have done work for prestigious museums. (pardon by boast, I'm trying to prove
a point), but all that is totally irrelevant to a university. I've tried to
crack that door. It doesn't matter if you're God; no degree, no job.

It is true that one can make it on their own with talent and hard work. It's
been my livelihood since 1959. But believe me it's hard to take when you get
passed over in favor of somebody who's only recommendation is a degree and
knowing the definition of incunabula.


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