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Re: [BKARTS] academentia...

As another autodidact operating in my chosen field, doing things that didn't
exist when I was studying in school, and sometimes working on contracts
within academia despite not having a degree of my own, what touches my heart
are this note from Audrey's prof., along with Bucky Fuller's comment baout
paying attention to the impossible and ridiculous, since it affected his
life directly, upon his being brought to Harvard to fill the Norton
Professorial chair of Poetry, after having flunked out of that institution
yeah. poetry. yeah, that engineer who invented geodesics, synergetics, and
your modular shower/bath unit, and when he began speaking at all again after
something over a year of silence, began to explain quantum physics in the
form of a children's story to his daughter, and did a pretty good job of

let's just keep being poets, doing what we do so well, and if you have a
mind to apply for that Harvard position, and you know how well qualified you
are whether or not you have initials behind your name, line up your
references and go for it!

that's my tuppence.
-Ruth Temple

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