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[BKARTS] "formal training"

May I add my appreciation for Jim's gentle clarification regarding
requirements for the Harvard position he is leaving? It is fascinating to
consider how quickly the judgment to "degree required" was reached.

Recently, Tadao Ando has been much in the news for his new museum in Texas.
He has no degree in architecture. Yet, his work is sufficient to be awarded
top prizes and sought after commissions.

All fields have people who come by their talents naturally and they can
either hone them further in the academic arena or hone them in the world of
work or both. It is the competency factor, not the litany of either
apprenticeship or academic degree that will, in most cases, win the day. And
competency in "the human condition" goes a long way in adding to the core
competency of the field in play. I am always saddened when "the university"
is pitted against the "workplace." They each have much to offer and arm and
arm will allow for greater breadth in each.

May holiday generosity abound.


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