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Re: [BKARTS] Degrees and Bushwacking

Hello all,

As a beginner in bindery and generally a lurker on this list, this topic has been a problem for my career for a long time nd I must pipe up.

I have come to the belief that the problem lies in HOW we hire people. Most medium to large organizations hire people to hire people. These HR folks almost never know the subject for which they are hiring. So they ask the manager to whom the requirement belongs to write them down. The HR specialist then correlates key words, years of experience, degree requirements and, lately, certifications. Certifications offer the HR specialist a means of identifying at least those candidates with a basic knowledge. That is what HR folks do, they identify candidates. Certifications are easy for HR to evaluate - they are Boolean. Years of experience is a lot more difficult to evaluate, especially when the HR specialist knows little of the field.

The elitism lies with the manager looking for candidates. By applying more filters on HR, the manager looks at less resumes, doesn't interpret years of experience themselves, and wasts none of their precious time - often forgetting the importance of good staff that they may have missed using this technique.

I am not FOR additional certification nor arbitrary degree requirements. I have found both to be limiting to me professionally. I am AGAINST current methods of selecting potential candidates, but I cannot see a way out with HR organizations becoming so integral to the process.

I apologize if this is late and missing the point, I take the digest.

Norm Fenlason

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