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Re: [BKARTS] Degrees and Bushwacking [LONG]


It seems that you and a few others have missed the point about Mozart & co. I
said that, I had asked an adminstrator at the U of D about certification and
jobs.  I asked if Mozart or Michaelangelo were ALIVE TODAY, (not what would
have been done in their time), would they be hired for their respective
talents if positions were open (today)? The reply was, "No! Not without a
degree and certification."   Later I asked an emementary school official the
same question. Their reply was different only in the wording. The bottom line
was, if Mozart, or somone equally talented, were to apply for a position
teaching music in an elementary school (in Delaware) they would not be hired.
STATE OF DELAWARE.  If nothing else, this system is costing the public the
loss of many talented people some retired and too old to go about persuing
dergrees, who would love to teach. One of my customers is avery successful
business man who along with a friend of his, a retired mechanical engineer,
decided they would find fulfillment in teaching; perhaps at a junior high
school level. Neither had a degree, but both had had very prosperous carrers.
The engineer had a long career at the Dupont Co. begining as a machinist's
helper. The Businessman had a business machine company. They found that their
help was not wanted. Oh, the refusal was polite enough, but the result were
the same. What a pity! Our educationl system is in such sad shape. Pupils
graduating from school who can't read because the teachers can't teach.
Students loosing interest and dropping out. But, the SYSTEM won't break the
mold a hire people of proven ability. Volunteers like these could possibly be
the salvation of the public school system. But, they don't fit the mold. They
were trained outside the system and are, therefore, not desirable.

What does it matter what one could have done at another time. Today is what
we are concerned with.  If the system is working well; why change it? But,
the fact is, it is not!

Merry Christamas,


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