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Re: [BKARTS] Degrees and Bushwacking [LONG]

Hi Ed,
At the risk of taking us all way off-topic, I would politely disagree with
you about the necessity of certifying teachers. I've had some experience
both with classroom teaching and one-on-one tutoring, for which I was only
slightly prepared, and I have to say that there is a *huge* body of
knowledge and skills associated with teaching that have nothing to do with
the precise subjects taught. Like bookbinding, it is a craft. Again like
bookbinding, it can be taught in a number of different ways, but it
absolutely needs to be taught before someone, however well-intentioned, is
left in front of 25 11-year-old kids.

I'm a bit startled by the amount of animosity I've seen directed on this
list towards academically-employed conservators -- I had no idea the book
arts were so riven by town-gown prejudices.

I hope all the wonderful people on this list have a Merry Christmas and a
happy new year!

Matthew S Garelick
Graphic Services
IBM Software Group
1 Rogers Street, 3323-C
Cambridge, MA  02141

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