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Re: [BKARTS] Cutting Bookboard

Cutting book or davey board by hand is a job, instead of an exacto knife try
one of the new heavy box cutters that are shaped more to the contour of your
hand. You can also pick up a hand mat cutter at an art supply store that fits
better in your hand. Use a long metal edge ruler as a cutting guide and a
triangle to get your edges straight. I find that with a few strokes using
medium pressure I can get the boards cut in no time. I have used an all
purpose paper cutter (one that has the arm you slice with which to contrary
believe is NOT a  guillotine cutter, a real guillotine cutter actually works
a like a guillotine, it's also pretty pricey to purchase but cuts many boards
at a time) Hollander's has one of those and when we need many boards cut we
just give them the measurements and they will cut it for a small fee. Check
to see if a local paper supplier or maybe a printer has one and will do this
for you. It's cheaper than buying one. You can use the all purpose cutter but
in a little while the blades get dull and the arm and get out of alignment.
And remember to always use a new shape blade when cutting, that makes a huge
difference.  Bev


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