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[BKARTS] For all the Raiders of the Lost Job (Colleges & company)

Dear Friends

When a person sends her CV to get a work, that person
undergoes the Dictatorship of the Other one. Most of
the times, this Other one doesn't have face, neither
name, neither surname and he is a perfect Stranger for
the person interested in obtaining that work.
This situation is deeply aberrant for the human
When we look for work we are being judged by an
unknown judge, with invisible laws and without any
procedural guarantee.
Regrettably, this iron fact is not properly
established for those who are in charge of  debating
this exciting topic and that it deserves a permanent
I have bound more of 1300 wooden books in 20 years and
it would never accept to be judged by unknown people.
Although I need the work to survive.
After everything there are many libraries in the
world, many have disappeared and many other they will
be founded.
Each one of us knows that the quality of our works is
not always the same one.
That for that reason we try to improve it every day.
Is a stranger able to evaluate our capacity correctly
if it has not shared very good days, good days,
regular days, bad days and very bad days next to us?.
Definitively, I say...íNO!
All we should demand him to put an end to the "verse"

(the sentence made to deceive to other)
Personnel's selection is a lottery
Very from time to time - exceptionally - our CV
arrives to the suitable hands.
If the Judge is a colleague
how we avoid their jealousies in the face of our
If the one that judges is not a colleague
as we avoid to be victims of their professional
Happy New Year for all!

Guillermo Compte Cathcart

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