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Re: [BKARTS] For all the Raiders of the Lost Job (Colleges & company)

Very important things to consider.  Thank you.
     There is also an aspect that hasn't been mentioned, but that you touch upon.
I know from personal experience that at times job postings at institutions, while they appear to be strictly "personel" policy, are actually posted to fulfill legal obligations, while the job in question has actually been already filled in all but fact, and highly qualified people are eliminated in favor of someone who might not be as qualified, because of "agenda".
     Sometimes one is being judged, as you put it, by someone or several with an agenda.  It is the person who is doing the primary decision making that can mould the processing of the applicants any way they wish.  It is not an objective process even though it is made to look like it is.  Of course this sometimes is to the benefit of the institution, but more often it benefits the decision maker(s).

Bruce Levy
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