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Re: [BKARTS] Info Dry Spell


I use a guillotine type paper cutter. If I didn't, my next choice would be a
Jaques board shear. If I had floor space, I'd have both.  In your case I
would use a utility knife and a square. Be careful. It's easy to loose a
finger. They work rather well, if you use them properly. Make sure that you
keep your finger out of the way and run the knife along your square or rule
with medium pressure. Make several passes. If you use too much pressure the
knife may jump the rule and lop off a digit. At best it louses up the cut. If
you have a friend with a paper cutter or board shear, take advantage of that.
Printers don't like to cut boards because the dull the knife almost
immediately. Oftentimes they nick the blade. A printer  may do it for you if
their knife is already dull and it's time to change it. When I was in the
supply business, I sold boards cut to size. Even for one book, for the very
reason that everyone can't buy a board shear or paper cutter. However, that's
in the past. Ask your supplier to sell you cut boards. Of course you'll pay a
cutting charge. If you are buying 500 lbs or more, they can be rotary-cut at
the mill.

Your corners will be better if you don't leave too much material in them. The
rule of thumb (until you can judge by eyesight) is to bring the cloth up
across the edge of the board at the corner and leaving only a hair bredth
above that, cut your material at that point. That way, you have almost no
excess and a good square corner.

Since you are a relative novice, I would recommend acrylic impregnated cloth
as opposed to starch filled. It is much more forgiving, should you get a
gluey finger mark on it. You can't get starch filled cloth wet without
marring the finish. Acrylic cloth also doesn't curl as fast when you put
paste or glue directly on the cloth.


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