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Re: [BKARTS] Info Dry Spell


Thank you for taking the time to give me these

The utility knife tips hit home -- I'm sure that I'm
applying too much pressure.  I bought new blades
tonight and will try them out tomorrow.

I am off after I send this email to find online
sources for acrylic impregnated book cloth.


--- Edward Stansell <CraftBook@AOL.COM> wrote:
> Kathleen,
> . . . In your case I
> would use a utility knife and a square. Be careful.
> It's easy to loose a
> finger. They work rather well, if you use them
> properly. Make sure that you
> keep your finger out of the way and run the knife
> along your square or rule
> with medium pressure. Make several passes. If you
> use too much pressure the
> knife may jump the rule and lop off a digit. At best
> it louses up the cut. . . .
> Your corners will be better if you don't leave too
> much material in them. The
> rule of thumb (until you can judge by eyesight) is
> to bring the cloth up
> across the edge of the board at the corner and
> leaving only a hair bredth
> above that, cut your material at that point. That
> way, you have almost no
> excess and a good square corner.
> Since you are a relative novice, I would recommend
> acrylic impregnated cloth
> as opposed to starch filled. . . .
> Regards,
> Ed


Kathleen S. Wolford, Mineral Springs, Pa., kathleenwolford@yahoo.com

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