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Re: [BKARTS] Book cloth in Seattle

Indeed, the silk finishes are not to everyone's taste, nor are they
appropriate for all covers.   However, I have found the Japanese cloths
to be quite strong enough.  I've made samples with several for my own
daily use, and these have held up very, very well, better in some ways
than 100% cottons I have tried.  Moreover, there are other finishes than
"silk" available.

I also like linen blend bookcloths , and Colophon has carried a very
nice one in several colors.  The conservation buckrams now carried by
Library Binding Supply are attractive, too, more subdued and currently
available in a limited range of colors.  However, LBS has a larger
minimum order  (5 yds) than do other vendors, which may be a problem for
small hand binders.

The question we were discussing had to do with finding cloths "close to
home" that could be examined. I rely on sample sets for examination
purposes, because locally the bookcloth supply is pretty limited and
expensive, and the pieces are small.  To have the retailer order
something would not be cost effective, given their markup.  Colophon and
Hiromi are much closer to central Washington (all in zone 1) for
shipping, than are Massachusetts, New York, and Maryland (all in zone
8), and relative costs plus shipping time are important, after all.

Eugene, OR

On Monday, December 30, 2002, at 05:44 AM, Edward Stansell wrote:

> I mean no disparagement to anyone's taste by this question, but what is
> the
> attraction to Japanese bookcloth?  I'll admit that some are quite
> handsome.
> However does every book need a silk finish?
> Japanese bookcloth and just about all paperbacked cloth is exceedingly
> weak.
> Witness the need for a paperback. Their surface is easily abraded and
> cannot
> be cleaned without damage. A cover material should not only survive the
> binding process, but also everyday use by its eventual owner. If the
> fabric
> were more substantial I would find it more desirable.
> Ed

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