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Re: [BKARTS] For all the Raiders of the Lost Job (Colleges & company)

What's this adversion, phobia, of having work/us judged. It happens all the
time, in all venues. Sometimes we know who is judging the work/us, more
often than not we don't. A CV is not going to get you a job by itself, but
it does make that first impression and should "sell" you to the reviewers.
It can provide a foot in the door. It is important that it be
comprehensive, thought out, clear, professional, regardless of whether it
is a job, or an opportunity to exhibit. What makes you more qualified than
others. That the "other" is often nameless or faceless is unimportant, and
thinking of it as a "dictatorship" unhelpful.

There are many more people involved with the book arts (or any other art
form for that matter), but only a small number of potential venues. Quality
is an issue. That is why I feel that jurying exibitions, either from
submissions sent in, or by curating, is important. Some will not feel
comfortable with that process, but it needn't be seen as a rejection, even
if it's often face/nameless. Being judged by colleagues in no guarantee of
"better" treatment either, and can sometimes be less objective, not that
judging art can truly be objective. With craft that is more possible.

If accepted for exhibition, or if on sale, the work then becomes judged by
the great faceless public, beating down the doors to be enlightened with
our great work. Will their judging be kinder. If I go to a craft gallery
and see journals... I look at them, critically. What are the materials, how
is the workmanship (is it neat / clean, how does it function...), ...? A
trained eye can see that in images too, though those can be deceiving both
ways, with flaws not visible in the image, or more striking.

In jobs we get judged as well, either by the customer who should be
expected to be critical, or our supervisors. They all have expectations,
and it is up to us to meet their expectations.


Philobiblon: Book Arts, Different By Design
Hand Binding, Conservation, and Project Websites
Peter D. Verheyen

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