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Re: [BKARTS] The Berlin Wall...The English Wall

We learn languages by using them.  If someone doesn't understand what
another has said, it is perfectly acceptible to say "I didn't
understand.  Please explain it to me."  Eventually it gets better.

I have found that after studying French for ten years and using it
often, I am still a beginner.  It has taught me to appreciate how hard
it is to become competent in a language other than one's mother tongue.

Welcome to the List, and give yourself permission to get comfortable.

Eugene, OR

On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 12:07 PM, guillermo compte wrote:

Happy Night of the Magicians Kings

I registered in this group to share experiences and
knowledge with colleagues lovers of the books that can
maintain a conversation beyond the grammatical errors
but or less coherent and comprehensible...
I didn't register in this group to learn English...
I write very well in Spanish but I don't believe that
many in the group make it and as English it is the
lingua franca I don't have but remedy that to undergo
the Implacable Opinion of the lovers of the accidents
for on the substantial thing.
After all my deep university training in Philosophy
allows to understand each other the Heavy Philosophy
of the Big Continental Philosophers so much as the
Light Philosophy of the Islanders who they claim the
victory of the accidental thing on the substantial
Although my great-grandfather William Cathcart,
founder the  The Buenos Aires Herald in 1876, the
newspaper in English language more important of the
Argentina, I manage myself with Babylon...
I hope the friends that don't dream of making of
English a second  Berlin Wall  forgive me the
grammatical errors and they make them to me to know
Guillermo Compte Cathcart

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