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Re: [BKARTS] bookboard showng through pale bookcloth

I would suggest lining the boards with white paper.
I always line boards with bond paper when doing leather
bindings.  The purpose then is to balance the pull of the
leather to the "opposing" paper, but, you can accomplish
the "show-through" with paper linings, too.  If you line
one side, you need to line both sides for equal pull on
the board.

If this is as clear as mud, please some of you experts (Peter, Bill, Jack,
Dorothy, Betty, etc.) jump in and clarify.

Jane Brown
Charleston, SC

--On Sun, Jan 5, 2003 4:12 PM -0700 Kelly Smith <kellysm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello,
> Is there such a thing as white bookboard? I purchased some pale blue
> bookcloth with a paper back but when I glue it to the bookboard, the color
> of the bookboard shows through.
> Any suggestions?
> Kelly

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