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Re: [BKARTS] bookboard showng through pale bookcloth


Two questions: 1. Once you have ironed the Stitch
Witchery between cloth and thin Japanese paper, do you
then use the finished product like bookcloth, gluing
it on a board, etc.  2. Is there a name for the thin
Japanese paper?  I mean, what do I ask for or look for
when ordering online?  Do you know a good online

(Oops!  I can't count!)

Kathleen Wolford, Mineral Springs, PA,

--- Pat Baldwin <patbooks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I make all my book cloth with any fabric that suits
> me by just the same
> method. However, the sewing product called "Stitch
> Witchery" has a better
> 'hold' than Wonder Under. I sandwich it between the
> cloth and a thin piece
> of Japanese paper. The secret is to iron it on
> thoroughly - slowly over and
> over on medium heat. I've done this with marbled
> silk too, and it works
> beautifully.
> Patrice Baldwin
> ...>I took a bookarts class at the Women's Studio
> Workshop in Rosendale NY
> this
> >past summer and we learned how to make bookcloth
> out of anything by using a
> >fusible bonding called Wonder Under ...
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>               Lau Tsu

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