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[BKARTS] binding repair workshops

With announcements of bookmaking workshops popping up on the list, I
have a question of my own.  I have been a professional paper conservator
for a number of years now, but a new place of employment has brought
with it the demand for minor repair work on books and other bound
formats in our collection.


Since I was not trained specifically in binding, my skills to date in
this field entail work on pamphlets, and some other simpler sewn
structures and simple case bindings.  Can anyone recommend a course, or
week intensive, at the 'intermediate level' where I can gain knowledge
of what I would call 'library repair' methods (hinge tightening,
reattachment of covers, 19th and 20th century binding trends and
formats, etc).  


Before someone jumps on me- the idea here is not to become an
'overnight' bookbinder- our fine bindings and important editions will
still be sent out of house to more skilled hands.  This is just to take
care of the everyday chores.



Doug Sanders



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