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[BKARTS] Looking for Paper Routes Update

I wanted to express my thanks for those that made suggestions for
alternate locations to acquire the book cloth I was seeking. It is
always such a pleasure to know that I can turn to the list for help,
insight and discussion of the book.

Much to my happiness I have spoken with the staff at Paper Routes
today. Apparently they were closed for the two weeks between Christmas
and New Years  and returned to find that their local phone company had
temporarily disconnected the phones.
Again, thanks to those who responded. I now have a good selection of
places from which to order cloth in the styles and quantities I need.

I am hoping that someone might be able to help. I have a client who has
selected a book cloth that was carried by Paper Routes in Dallas, TX. I
have been trying for a week to contact them, receiving a message that
the phone number is "temporarily disconnected." Does anyone know what
has happened to them?

I have several other suppliers to contact, but this particular cloth is
one I have only seen from them.

Ruth Wikoff-Jones

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