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[BKARTS] creating bookcloth

Ann Kingman writes

One question: after you fused the cloth to the Wonder
Under, did you then use PVA to attach the cloth to the board, or did you use
some other method?>>>

After I have fused the cloth to the wonderunder I peel off the
backing (which I keep, because it is useful as a non-stick paper -
like waxpaper - to be used between layers of any project)  and iron
the cloth/wonderunder to a piece of lightweight paper - even tissue
paper will do here, but for opacity with a light cloth I use a
bond-weight paper.  Now treat this like regular bookcloth - cut it
fold it glue it etc.  This means you can now use any fabric you like,
that will withstand the heat of ironing, for your covers!  This also
works well for attaching pieces of fabric to cardstock or even to
Have fun!
Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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