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Re: [BKARTS] creating bookcloth

> Henrietta describes the use of Wonder Under in a nut shell. It was suggested
> that Stitch Witchery works too, which it does and is a great product, the
> one advantage of using the Wonder Under (or other craft bonds) is that is
> has a paper backing so you end up really applying the bonding to the
> underside of the cloth or paper. This gives you the option of leaving the
> backing on or removing if like Henrietta describes and fusing it to another
> piece of paper or (what really makes this great) fusing the cloth or paper
> right on to the book board itself. Try this stuff, it's great and you can
> buy it by the yard at fabric stores and sometimes you can find it
> prepackaged. Just remember to use the light weight one. Bev


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