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[BKARTS] Well-Dressed Books and other options

If you are in the New York City, Naples (FL), or Boca
Raton area please come to one of the following
workshops.  Many of the workshops are new, and even
the older classes will have new structures and
techniques.  Each one will give you the chance to
polish old skills, try out new concepts, and interact
with other enthusiastic book makers. Participants at
all levels of experience are welcome.

New York: In Manhattan, call (914) 663-9366 for

Saturday, January 25, Well-Dressed Books: Packages,
Boxes & Containers
An innovative and inviting presentation is the first
thing that engages a reader.  In this class you will
create imaginative boxes for text and images, you will
take apart commercial packages to unlock their
construction secrets, and you will transform existing
containers into personal book vessels.  Bring an
unusual container to class and we will explore how it
can be used to deliver the message in a bookish sort
of way. No previous experience necessary.  The only
requirement is an inquiring mind and a willingness to
make boxes by thinking outside the box.  Contain your
books, not your enthusiasm!

Saturday, March 8, Single Sheet Structures
A single sheet of paper can be cut and folded into
many different book structures, including multi-page,
flexagon, french door, triangle, petal, tunnel and
carousel books.  We'll start simple and work our way
up to more complex models.  We will explore what text
and images will best serve each structure.  You will
go back to your studio with at least a dozen different
books and many ideas for what to do with them.  Time
will run out before we exhaust all the possibilities
of one single sheet of paper. Please come and join the

Florida: at Oblique in Bonita Springs, call (239)
498-9343 for information:

Thursday, February 13, Workshops
AM: Introduction to Tunnel Books
PM: A Family Heritage Tunnel Book
Tunnel books have cutout panels which expand to create
three-dimensional scenes.  No other book structure is
quicker to draw the viewer/reader into the very heart
of the contents.  You will start with a simple
one-sheet structure and work your way up to more
complex models with multiple panels and unfolding side
hinges.  In the afternoon class you are encouraged to
bring extra family photos to create a unique personal
keepsake. Come and learn how to make your own
expanding structures that turn into magical dioramas.

Friday, February 14, Workshops
AM: Innovative Books
PM: Developing Content
Who hasn't had reservations about writing or drawing?
In this relaxed, gentle class we are going to poke
around and see if we can uncover some unknown and
unexplored hidden talents.  We will try some new
techniques, share experiences, loosen some
inhibitions, gain confidence and learn new ways to
share our ideas with others.   The goal is to develop
content for books that enlighten, entertain, and
engage the reader by using both text and images.  No
miracles are expected or required.  But you never know
what you are capable of producing until you try, and
this is the perfect opportunity to take the first step
in learning to express yourself more creatively.

Saturday, February 15, Workshop
AM: Unfolding the Magic of Flexagons
A flexagon is a folded paper structure that flexes and
unfolds to reveal hidden faces.  We will investigate
how flexagons work and how they can be used as books
to present sequential messages.  We'll construct
several models of four and six-sided flexagons that
open to reveal from three to six different hidden
pages.  This is a fascinating structure that never
ceases to amaze.  But, be careful! Once you get hooked
on flexigation you may never be able to stop
manipulating these intriguing books.

At Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, call (561)
297-0226 for information:

Thursday, February 20, Free Lecture
3 p.m.: The Unfolding Nature of Books
How does a professional drifter from Arizona end up as
a book artist and proprietor of Editions, a studio for
producing artist books?  Come and learn how the book
arts have unfolded in one artist's life; how an
editioned artist book unfolds from idea, through
production, to final product; and finally, how folding
and unfolding can be used to deliver the message in a
book format. You will have the opportunity to ask
questions, see a single sheet of paper transform
before your eyes into a 56-page book with a pop-up,
foldout panels, and a box to hold all the connected
parts.  After the presentation you are welcome to
examine and manipulate some of the books discussed.
Board of Trustees Room, Williams Administration

Friday, February 21, Workshop
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Secrets of Paper Animation
The information isn't secret.  What is secret is what
happens unnoticed between the pages. We'll start by
making simple moving words and pictures and then work
our way up to inter-connected mechanical parts that
make heads wiggle, people flip-flop, doors open,
objects pop out of boxes, ghosts appear, the weather
change, and objects fly across the page.   We'll
discover that some things aren't always what they
first seem. We'll learn not only how illustrations can
be animated, but also how text can move to direct and
re-direct the reader's point of view.  Finally, we'll
take all our action pages and assemble them into the
most engaging book you've ever seen.  Come and join
the fun.
Wimberly Library, 5th Floor

Saturday, February 22, Workshop
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Guerrilla Bookmaking
You don't need a printing press or lots of technical
training to make books.  Text and images can be
reproduced and the pages assembled into books with
materials close at hand using easily learned skills.
Come and explore unconventional printing methods and
unusual book structures.  This is a great workshop for
people with no experience, but LOTS of energy and
Wimberly Library, 5th Floor

There will be classes in Brookfield (CT), Cincinnati,
Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis later in the year.

Ed Hutchins is a book artist who has taught, lectured,
curated shows, directed book arts programs and created
many editioned books while traveling across the
U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.  Since 1989 he has been the
proprietor of Editions, a workshop for producing
artist book multiples.

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