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[BKARTS] Nell Meldahl

Hello Book Arts List,

About a month ago, I posted a request to the list involving the Japanese
handscroll work of Nell Meldahl. We're making plans for an exhibit on
scrolls here at the Jaffe Atrium Gallery, and I was hoping we might be able
to borrow one of Nell's scrolls or a piece she had restored for the
exhibit, just because Nell was such an incredible person, teacher and
scrollmaker. Well, the request went pretty much unanswered, but now I have
a new request: does anyone out there have a good photograph of Nell? If I
can't exhibit some of her work, I'd like to at least dedicate the show to
her memory and offer a few words and a picture of this kind and wonderful

And if by chance one of you does have something of Nell's that you'd
consider loaning to us next spring, I'd be very happy to hear from you. You
may contact me off-list at <jcutrone@xxxxxxx>. Pam Spitzmueller, if you're
out there, well....


John Cutrone
The Arthur and Mata Jaffe Collection
Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library
Boca Raton, Florida

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