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Re: [BKARTS] Illuminated Manuscript

James G. Pepper wrote
?Illuminating the Bible. For the past 15 years I have
been making an illuminated manuscript of the Bible...
If you have any questions please respond. This is my
first posting here?.

Welcome your first posting here... and the other
I have many questions:
Are you able to describe your method to choose the
figures that will illuminate a text?
Do you follow designs settled down by the
tradition?...or do you follow the dictation from your
own inspiration when carrying out the biblical
You are copied to yourself? (Example: Gospel 1 text A
figure R, Gospel 2 text A figure R).
What type of materials do you use to make your
In that differ your illuminations "Protestants" and
the illuminations "Catholic" of the past and of the
present of the same text?
How they do live - your siblings of faith - the fact
that you use images to illuminate the hermeneutics of
the biblical texts?
For Eadfrith, their Lindisfarne Gospels was an act of
faith, not a detachable artistic fact of the faith.
(Eadfrith completed his work just before he became
abbot of Lindisfarne in 698 and used Irish models for
his ornamentation, using abstract and animal motifs
found on metal objects of Irish provenance). For you,
dear friend, are your illuminations only an artistic
fact or an inspiration act of which cannot separate
the Illumination of Our Lord?
My questions are the questions of a writer that it
illuminates their own wooden books. That it is based
on the cold letter of the texts and it doesn't feel
anything resemblance to what surely felt the monk
Eadfrith. I am not for anything member of a Tribunal
of Inquisition. I am surprised and I like to find a
colleague that is capable with their art of overcoming
the limit straits taxes to the Faith for the credo of
the men. God willing I could make the same thing with
the aesthetic limit imposed by the artistic fashions.
Guillermo Compte Cathcart

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