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Re: [BKARTS] ethics

As a small business owner, one of our concerns is to be of service to
our customers.
Increasingly we find that the courtesy extended is not reciprocated, in
fact that simple manners are disappearing from the store, the street,
the planet.
Yesterday afternoon a young man entered the bookstore, I smiled and said
"Hello" it was as if I were made of wood; his sole purpose in coming in
was to use our window as a vantage point, from where he could observe
others on the street - for drugs... I have no idea.
This morning an SUV pulled up in front, two young women got out and went
across the street to have their hair done. Returning to their vehicle -
they got in then opened the door to throw a bag of Kentucky Fried
Chicken onto the sidewalk. My husband went out - knocked on their door
and handed them their garbage.
We see increasingly bad behavior - people spitting on the street...
I shouldn't have to tell those in my family that this is unacceptable
behaviour; but somebody else needs to tell theirs.
This week's window display concerns books related to Saskatchewan, next
week our window display will be on manners.
Sadly on a bright & shining morning, Alice

 v. alice hughes
Argosy Books in Ottawa
Tellington TTouch practitioner for companion animals
"I've seen a look in Dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed
contempt, and I am convinced that basically, Dogs think humans are
nuts!" - John Steinbeck

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