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[BKARTS] Endpaper Goof

I have just sewn my first multiple-signature textblock
(yea) and see that I've erred in making the first and
last signature each one heavy folded piece of
beautiful handmade paper so that the book would have
nice endpaper (and flypaper).  I pasted down the tapes
to the endpaper and see now (I'm following a book that
I don't have with me as I write) I'm supposed to paste
the super down and then CUT the paper off to the super
and tape.  Yikes.

Is this one reason why you make casebound books?  How
can I do this in the future and have nice endpaper
without tipping it in?  It seems to me that endpaper
in a single signature book is an important part of the
strength, which would be even more important in a book
with more signatures.  Would you have the first and
last signatures be plain paper and the second and next
to last nice paper and then paste down to the board
the rest of the plain paper and the nice paper over


Kathleen S. Wolford, Mineral Springs, Pa., kathleenwolford@xxxxxxxxx

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