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Re: [BKARTS] Endpaper Goof

many people make books just the way you are now, with the endpapers as
the first and last signatures, pasted down directly onto the boards.
So don't panic, you didn't do it wrong, you just do not follow exactly
the directions that the author gave in whatever book you are reading.

Variation is a beautiful thing in bookbinding.

Having a plain (text) paper lay down first might have been to add extra
pull to the cover boards if they are covered with leather (which can
have a mighty draw or pull if stretched in application). If your book
isn't covered in leather, don't worry about it.  It could also have been
necessary if the pastedown paper is thin and the binders board would
show through. Having a clean light background can help brighten the
colors on a pastedown.

Don't fret, keep going, and congratulations on your first multi-sig book.


Kathy Wolford wrote:

I have just sewn my first multiple-signature textblock
(yea) and see that I've erred in making the first and
last signature each one heavy folded piece of
beautiful handmade paper so that the book would have
nice endpaper (and flypaper).  I pasted down the tapes
to the endpaper


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