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[BKARTS] FS; Dard Hunter: Paper and Printing Craftsman

                Even in this digital age we are surrounded by paper.  Especially those of us engaged in the book and library business.  We handle reams of the stuff every day; newspaper, slick magazine stock, and printer and copier paper by the case.   It is mostly pretty mundane and innocuous, however occasionally you touch a piece of paper that sends messages directly to your brain from your fingertips.  These are the pinnacles of the paper makers? art.
 If you have ever toured a modern paper mill and watched the pulp leap the gap from the fourdrinier wire to the felt.  And then speed its way through the dryers and calendar rolls to be wound by the mile on the finished reels you can appreciate the solitary vat man dipping his molds and making one sheet of paper at a time.  Dard Hunter was foremost a ?Vat Man? who recreated the art and craft of hand made papermaking in the United States.  He was many other things besides a vat man, including a designer, typecaster, printer, researcher and scholar.  However, when your fingertips touch a piece of his paper a message goes straight to your brain that this is special.
You can experience this feeling with some of the selections in the following mini catalogue of Dard Hunter related items.  We start with a rare collectable that is an outstanding example of papermaking and private presswork as well as an important reference.   It is filled with those special pieces of paper.  Then we include several books on papermaking by Dard Hunter or introduced by him plus one of his early designs while at Roycrofters.  And we have biographical works on Dard Hunter including information on his son Dard Hunter II.  The mini catalogue is finally rounded out with several selections that are less expensive.

20104 Hunter, Dard. PAPERMAKING BY HAND IN AMERICA. Chillicothe: Mountain House Press, 1950, large folio, publisher's half woven cloth over patterned paper covered boards, paper spine label, enclosed in leather backed folding cloth box. (ii), 319 pages.   $10,000.00
First edition, limited to 210 numbered copies; this is copy number 5 and has been signed by Dard Hunter and Dard Hunter, Jr. (Hutner and Kelly, Century for the Century, 51). More than just a reference tool, this volume is also a landmark book in the area of private presswork. The care that went into its production, a task that took a number of years, combined with the wealth of information that Hunter had gathered on early papermaking from 1690 to 1817 in nineteen colonies and states, make this book a unique and important work. "During my curatorship of the Paper Museum, I was constantly reminded that, although I had traveled to distant countries in search of material for books dealing with European and Asiatic papermaking, I had long neglected the subject of pioneer papermaking in my own country. I therefore began to plan a book that would deal exclusively with the hand-made-paper makers of America. Toward the end of 1950, after several years of work, the edition was completed, and we gave the book the obvious title: Papermaking by Hand in America. The book had a hand-colored frontispiece; 326 pages; ninety-six facsimiles on specially made paper; twenty-seven reproductions of early American watermarks made in imitation of the originals; and forty-two full-size reproductions of old paper labels, printed on paper made to emulate the original labels in the Paper Museum. Some of the books were bound by Peter Franck, others by Arno Werner. Although it was stated in the colophon that there were 210 copies, it was only possible to assemble about 180. The available books were readily sold at the substantial price of one hundred and seventy-five dollars a copy." (Dard Hunter, My Life with Paper, pp. 217-9). The last book issued by Dard Hunter's Mountain Horse Press, Papermaking by Hand in America was also the most ambitious, with more illustrations and samples than any of the earlier works. The bold, elegant type was designed by Hunter's son, Dard Jr. As usual, all type-setting and presswork for the book was done by father and son by hand.  An excellent copy of his masterpiece. ISBN none.

53318 (Bird & Bull Press) Hunter II, Dard. DARD HUNTER & SON. N.P. (but Newtown, PA): Bird & Bull Press, 1998, 4to., quarter black morocco, leather spine label, Japanese cloth-covered boards, cloth-covered clamshell box with leather spine label. 152, (6) pages, with 30 additional pages and 6 additional leaves of paper & printing samples, and reproductions.  $675.00
Finely letterpress printed in an edition limited to only 225 numbered copies, of which 180 are presubscribed. Henry Morris' Bird & Bull Press has now published a new Dard Hunter book, which aims in part to "provide a reasonable taste of the original [The Life Work], sufficient perhaps to appreciate the unstinting quality of the artistry and uncommon skill that was lavished on this work," and in part to provide additional material, including some on Dard Hunter II. The introduction by Mr. Morris is followed by Dard Hunter II's account of the writing of his father's biography, followed in turn by Dard Hunter III's short account of the life of Dard II, with color plates. Dard Hunter & Son documents Hunter's early Roycroft days, studies in Vienna, stained-glass windows, first paper mill in Marlborough NY, early watermarks, typefounding experiments, the move to "Mountain House," brief venture into large-scale hand papermaking, later moulds and watermarks, and his publications. Each topic is complimented by appropriate illustrations. There are three tipped-in-plates with 55 color reproductions of swatches of marbled and paste papers done by Hunter in his Vienna days, three samples (reprintings by Bird & Bull) of 2-color page or cover designs done for the Roycrofters, photos of the Marlborough Mill and a reduced-size reprint of a Dard Hunter poster drawing of the mill, original leaves from various publications, a bound-in sample of paper made by Dard Hunter and two by his son, tipped-in photos of Dard Hunter demonstrating papermaking at MIT in 1946, and a tipped-in facsimile of a page of notes made by Dard Hunter while visiting an English paper mill. The book concludes with a ten-page facsimile of the journal kept by Dard Hunter II while writing the Life Work. In all, there are about seventy individual text illustrations or facsimiles, twenty or so tipped-in plates, and sixteen printings or reprintings by the Hunters and print reproductions by Bird & Bull. Set in Ehrhardt type and printed on Frankfurt mould made paper at Bird & Bull. The multi-talented Dard Hunter (1883-1966), who eventually settled upon papermaking and the history of paper as his life's work, is a person of considerable interest in the recent history of the book arts. Relatively little, however, of a biographical nature has been published about him: chiefly his own autobiography of 1958, and the Life Work of Dard Hunterby his son, Dard Hunter II (1917-1989), itself an impressive work printed in Dard Hunter II's own type, and produced in a very limited edition in the early 80's. ISBN .

 See the image of the above book at: http://www.oakknoll.com/bookimag/053318.jpg

71732 Hunter, Dard. PAPERMAKING, THE HISTORY AND TECHNIQUE OF AN ANCIENT CRAFT. London: The Cresset Press, 1957, thick 8vo., cloth, dust jacket. xxiv, 611, xxxvii pages and a foldout map.     $200.00
Second edition, revised and enlarged, the English printing. With 317 illustrations. One of the best books on papermaking. The English edition of this book is very uncommon. Jacket torn with small pieces missing along the edge. ISBN none.

19576 Hunter, Dard. PAPERMAKING THROUGH EIGHTEEN CENTURIES. New York: William Edwin Rudge, 1930, thick 8vo., buckram, leather spine label, top edge gilt, dust jacket. xviii, 358 pages.        $250.00
First edition. (Hart no. 33). 214 illustrations. Standard text book and history of papermaking. Well preserved copy. ISBN none.

5388 Von Hagen, Victor Wolfgang. AZTEC AND MAYA PAPERMAKERS. With an Introduction by Dard Hunter. New York: J.J. Augustin Publisher, (1944), 8vo., cloth, dust jacket. (x), 120 pages with 39 full page plates at the end and a tipped-in sample on Huun-Paper as the frontispiece.     $125.00
First trade edition. An important book which parallels the development of papermaking in the Americas with that in China and Japan. Jacket shows chipping. ISBN none.

72195 (Hunter, Dard) Hubbard, Elbert. SO HERE THEN COMETH PIG-PEN PETE OR SOME CHUMS OF MINE, BEING STORIES TRUTHFULLY RELATED BY ELBERT HUBBARD ABOUT SOME OF OUR DUMB BROTHERS. East Aurora: Roycrofters, (1914), 8vo., full stamped limp leather, top edge gilt. 225 pages.  $125.00
With a three color title page designed by Dard Hunter and with his initials. Has initial letters and vignettes by Hunter throughout. Spine and edges of covers faded. Inside hinge cracked. Presentation from Hubbard on first blank "To Elu Docherty in token of his little Journey to East Aurora, Elbert Hubbard. Jan 3, 1915." ISBN none.

6127 Hunter, Dard. MY LIFE WITH PAPER, AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1958, 8vo., cloth, dust jacket. xiv, 237, vii pages with 58 illustrations.  $125.00
First edition. An autobiography of America's most famous papermaker and historian of papermaking. With two specimens of paper tipped-in; a sample of Chinese spirit paper and a specimen of hand-made paper from Hunter's Lime Rock Mill. Also has a bibliography of the writings of Dard Hunter. ISBN none.

58278 (Hunter, Dard) Baker, Cathleen A. BY HIS OWN LABOR: THE BIOGRAPHY OF DARD HUNTER. New Castle: Oak Knoll Press, 2000, small 4to., cloth, dust jacket. 360 pages.   $49.95
First trade edition. Reproduced from the letterpress edition printed by Steve Miller. Cathleen Baker has written an extraordinary eloquent, poignant and intelligent work. In doing so, she has captured the essence of Dard Hunter, his world, and his vision. Illustrated with 76 pages of color and black & white photographs. Baker reveals for the first time the complete dimensions of this pioneering genius. This is the definitive work to date on Hunter. Available in April, 2000. ISBN 1584560207.

See the image of the above book at: http://www.oakknoll.com/bookimag/058278.jpg

64872  Hunter, Dard. LITERATURE OF PAPERMAKING, 1390-1800. (Mansfield Centre, CT: Martino Publishing, 2001), large 4to., cloth. (iv), 47+(1) pages with 4 leaves of illustrations.      $75.00
Facsimile of edition first printed in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1925. (Besterman 4430). Over a period of twenty years, Dard Hunter collected books on papermaking to ensure a permanent record of the important source books in the literature of papermaking that had appeared before 1800. Using short essays, this bibliography describes seventy classic works by European and American authors, with Asian works being omitted. With black and white reproductions of title pages and other illustrations. ISBN 1578983355.

58862 Hunter, Dard. PAPERMAKING IN THE CLASSROOM. With a Foreword by Henry Morris. New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Books, 1991, 8vo., cloth, dust jacket. vi, 80 pages. $35.00
Reprint of the first edition. This volume has become one of Dard Hunter's more elusive works. Written for children between the ages of twelve and fourteen, it gives a concise history of papermaking and also tells students how to make their own paper from rags. In a small way this book served the same purpose as Hunter's beautifully-produced larger volumes. ISBN none.

See the image of the above book at: http://www.oakknoll.com/bookimag/058862.jpg
        I hope you have enjoyed this mini catalog and remember we have additional items on Dard Hunter as well as papermaking, typography, private press, and books about books.  You can search our web site at anytime or request to be added to our mailing list at our web site:      http://www.oakknoll.com

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