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[BKARTS] FW: Pasted Chip Board

I recently tried to order some more .074 solid chip board that I've been
using for years for case binding. I was surprised to find that that product
was no longer available from my supplier. They substituted .080 PASTED  chip
board. Does anyone have any information about pasted chip board? My first
instinct said don't use it, but who knows, it may be just fine. I'm not as
concerned about acidity, as I am about the stuff delaminating over time. Has
anyone encountered problems with this stuff? Should I avoid it? Any
information would be greatly appreciated. I'll certainly wait for everyone's
opinion before I go and cut the stuff up.

Chris Stern
Grey Spider Press
AKA Stern & Faye Printers
37607 Cape Horn Road
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

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