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Truman Meredith, of Henderson, Kentucky, produced a handwritten Bible after
about a year of hard work (completed in February, 2000). He copied out the
entire King James Bible "onto 1,724 sheets of loose-leaf paper filling 14
one-inch thick notebooks."

Mr. Meredith, a retired construction worker, was 64 years old at the time,
and almost completely illiterate! He knew the alphabet well, but he never
learned how to read. So he copied the entire Bible without understanding the
words. (Yet this is nothing new. It is believed that many medieval scribes
copied the Vulgate and other liturgical Latin works without full
comprehension of the texts.)

The task of copying the entire Bible was for Mr. Meredith a spiritual
exercise. But it was a physical challenge as well: "I've got knots all over
my fingers," he said. "I got half-way through and I felt like quitting my
fingers hurt so bad." Each page (one side) of meticulous writing took about
one hour and 15 minutes to produce. "I really enjoyed doing it. God gave me
the knowledge to print that Bible and I couldn't have done it if it weren't
for Him."

Since Jesus' words were written in red ink, this is, technically speaking,
an illuminated Bible.

Truman Meredith's story can be found here:


"As part of the Canadian centennial celebration of 1967, Bethel Pentecostal
church undertook, as a project, the preparation of a handwritten copy of the
King James version of the Bible. The project, which started in 1966, was
coordinated by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howie. The art work was done by Mr.
Murray Smith. Fourteen months were spent on such tasks as assigning chapters
and collecting them from contributors, in all ten provinces of Canada and in
eighteen countries around the world. They were assembled in a custom-made
binder. There were 1,189 contributors, one for each chapter. The
contributors included the Prime Minister of Canada, seven provincial
premiers, Ottawa's mayor, a ninety-year-old lady, and an eight-year-old boy.
The handwritten Bible is eight inches thick and weights forty-eight pounds.
It is displayed to this day in an oak cabinet in the foyer."

Bethel Pentecostal Church
500 Viewmount Dr.
Nepean, Ontario K2E 7P2
Phone: (613) 226-1383
Fax: (613) 226-4400
Email: info@xxxxxxxxx


"Youth Set Bible-Copying Record in Chile Picarquin, Chile."

"More that 6,000 Seventh-day Adventist youth set a world record by writing
out the Bible in 16 minutes in Picarquin, Chile, during a youth rally."
(January 7 to 12, 2002.)

"The handwritten Bible, its pages stacked several feet high, was presented
as a gift to the National Library of Chile. A notice will also be sent to
the Guinness Book of World Records. Each participant, including the city's
mayor, wrote six Bible verses."

"Among the writers was a paraplegic who wrote by holding his pen in his
mouth. He completed his section, which included his favorite Bible verse:
Philippians 4:13-- 'I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.'"


"Manuscript in Norwegian on paper, Norway, 1993, 5 volumes ... 42x32 cm, 2
columns, (34x26 cm), 43 lines, in Norwegian cursive script, capitals,
italics, and half-uncial by 10,761 scribes from 209 Norwegian dioceses."
(This Bible does not have Job, James, and Revelation, but is otherwise

"Binding: Oslo, Norway, 1994, red morocco gilt, sewn on 6 cords, by Det
Norske Bibelselskap. Context: 2 more Bibles were copied by hand in Norway
1993, 1 in Norwegian and 1 in New Norwegian, at Det Norske Bibelselskap,

"Commentary: "Aksjon Håndskrevet Bibel" (Action Handwritten Bible) was one
of the most significant events in the Year of the Book 1993. Over 30,000
Norwegians participated. For each verse a person wrote, he paid the price of
an Ukrainian children's Bible. The action raised enough for 66,000
children's Bibles."

Illustration of one page of this Bible here:


"More than 6,000 Taiwanese Christians have jointly completed the world's
first handwritten Chinese Bible to mark the advent of the new millennium."

Full story here:

Ross Green

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