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[BKARTS] Bulley Bible (1969-83)

Someone in a different listserve ("Cyberscribes") mentioned the handwritten,
illuminated Bible of Edward Bulley, written between 1969 and 1983.

Mr. Bulley was a principal at the Surrey School of Art. He had studied
calligraphy with Edward Johnston (1928-29). He retired in 1967 and two years
later began writing out the Bible in English and Latin. All the calligraphy
and illumination was done by Mr. Bulley alone. He also bound the eight
volumes himself. Someone who has examined these books described them as
"magnificent, bound in leather, tooled in gold and decorated with
semi-precious stones." Mr. Bulley was seventy-seven years old when he
finished his handwritten Bible.

Edward Bulley's Bible is owned by the Westminster Cathedral in London. To
view it you should write or telephone ahead. (It's not on public display.)

Ross Green

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