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[BKARTS] Learn Letterpress printing this Winter at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts

Hello everyone, feel free to forward this to anyone in the Seattle area who might be interested in taking a letterpress printing class:


There's still time to sign up for letterpress printing classes at
the School of Visual Concepts.

The 10-week quarter starts January 21st, and weekly classes are
offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30.

If you've been thinking of trying your hand at designing and
printing with lead & wood type, you should do it this quarter. If
you sign up before Friday, January 17th, you'll get free tuition for
any one of these Spring quarter classes:

>Stronger Concepts Through Strategy
>Brainstorming and Creativity
>Copywriting Workshop or
>Intro to Figure Drawing.

For more details on SVC's free tuition offer, call 206 623 1560 or
email info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The following are course descriptions for our two letterpress
classes this Winter:

Letterpress Printing: Broadsides with Jenny Wilkson
Wednesday or Thursday evenings

In this course, students of all levels will create broadsides using
SVC's collection of lead and wood type and Vandercook cylinder
letterpresses. Beginning students will learn how to compose type by
hand, create linoleum cuts, and operate the presses, while advanced
students will create more elaborate pieces. We'll also submerge
ourselves in the history and terminology of letterpress and get to
know the local printing community through guest lectures and studio

Letterpress Printing: Books with Jules Remedios Faye
Tuesday evenings

In this class you'll work on SVC's platen presses to design and
produce a simple book structure. Each student will design and print
a two-page spread which will be part of a collaborative class book.
We will bind the book in class so each student will take home a
finished book. The emphasis will be on discussing how craftsmanship,
book structure, content, typographic treatment and overall graphic
design work together. We will also discuss printing from plates vs.
from type, and we'll cover other nuts and bolts of printing and
binding. Beginners and intermediate students are welcome.

Get more information about the School of Visual Concepts and enroll
at http://www.svcseattle.com

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