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Re: [BKARTS] shipping presses


There seems to be no rhyme or reason to shipping cost. There are many factors
to consider when it comes to price. First you have tp find a trucker that can
carry your equipment the entire distance without transferring it somewhere
along the line. Next you have to find one that ships LTL (less than a
truckload.) Then you have to comparison shop for the best price. Finally and
the most important is opening an account. This may prove to be difficult if
you are not a regular shipper. The thing that makes an account important is
discount. Shippers that have accounts get a discount that ranges anywhere
from 45% -70% depending on the volume they ship. If you have the good fortune
to have a friend in a business that do shipping on a regular basis, you might
want to inquire into their having an account wth an LTL shipper that runs
from Up-state NY to Victoria, BC and their willingness to help you.  The
right freight company with the right discount can do the job quite

When I was in the supply business and had accounts with numerous freight
companies, I got at least three prices from each company serving the area I
was shipping to and from. There prices seem to vary according to their

Good luck,


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