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Re: [BKARTS] gocco printer

Kathleen -

I couldn't do without my Gocco.

Simon Cohen has a fantastic website for information at:

While it is a commercial site, it is packed with helpful information from
imaging screens to printing images on ceramic tiles.

Since the Gocco is simply a silk screen process, looking through one of the
old screen printing books readily available on ebay will get you up to speed
on the basics of selecting and preparing an image for the gocco. I have one
by J.I. Biegeleisen from the early 70's that's great.

In terms of people doing more than basic one-color prints, check out Shu-Ju
Wang's amazing work at:
Click on "Prints, Drawings and MM works". Everything described as a
screenprint was done on the Gocco.

There is also a yahoo gocco group which is spotty in activity but the
archives contain some  very good information.

I get my supplies from Think Ink http://www.thinkink.net in Seattle.

The last things I printed with mine were postcard size pieces of corrigated
cardboard and fat rubberbands.

with best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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