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Re: [BKARTS] printing picture book-EPSON Stylus Photo 2200

The quotes I've gotten for printing high resolution color pages one at a
time from disk were generally expensive. If your book is digital then
photocopying from a master does not produce as good quality. Many newer
color photocopy machines can print from disk but shops generally charge more
than if photocopying due to the computer processing time and incompatible
computer formats. Depending on how many pages you are printing sometimes it
is worth buying the printer.

According to people I have talked to recently and magazine articles I read,
high quality inkjets provide better picture quality than laser printers when
using glossy inkjet paper.

EPSON Stylus Photo 2200
I saw the EPSON Stylus Photo 2200 demonstrated at a local digital
photography show recently. Wow. Delivers archival quality printing with
lightfast rating of 75 years (under glass I've been told, and inside a book
would be better) using archival pigment inks. I don't think you can go much
more archival than this. Uses 7 shades of ink in separate ink cartridges and
prints at a very high resolution. Prints at up to 13 x 44 inches which
allows large format sewn books. Even prints on flat 1.3 mm or 0.050 inches
thick board or foam backed paper. Sells for US$699 on the Epson site and
maybe less elsewhere. For full details see http://www.epson.com. If you
don't want to buy one of these printers perhaps a graphics print shop
already owns one and will do the job for you.

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-----Original Message-----

I've been asked to create (layout/print/bind/box) a book which will consist
largely of digital images. I've done several books before but they've been
all-text and I've printed them on my inkjet. I've been satisfied with the
result on my older Epson, being aware of some of the instabilities inherent
in an inkjet documet.

With this book I'm hoping for a more "archival" or stable product. This will
be a relatively short book with only one copy being produced and money is
not really an issue. I'm not about to buy a wonderful new printer but I am
willing to pay what it costs to have it printed well.

What advice does the communal wisdom have for me? How would you tackle such
a commission?

Kevin Driedger
Lansing, Michigan

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