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Re: [BKARTS] Minsky Online Update

Well, they're wonderful.

The image for "Box made from early Antiphonary covers" is extremely large
and seems out of context with the more controlled and deliberate sizes of
the other images. It also goes below the fold on my screen, which seems less
than optimal. I wasn't sure if this was intentional, so I thought I would
call that to your attention.

I would also have the word "NEXT" not in all upper case...maybe simply
"Next". For me, it fights the big and small caps of the rest of the text and
takes away from them. Once last thing. Your work is so original...you should
create an arrow for next to the word "Next" that is either so simple as to
be functional and not stylized, or in a style befitting your originality (I
have a thing against dingbat fonts.)

Just my opinion,

on 1/18/03 11:44 PM, Richard Minsky at minsky@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I've revamped the design of minsky.com.
> http://minsky.com
> --
> Richard

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