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Re: [BKARTS] Rubber Cement Stains


I suggested bleaching by a professional paper restorer.  I never spoke of
bleaching to remove the adhesive itself. That would be ludicrous.

Bleaching may cause damge to paper, if done improperly. However, paper is
bleached daily by conservators/ restorers with no appreciable damage. That is
to say; there may be an ever so slight damage to paper fibers. To bleach or
not to, is a judgement call best left to a professional.

Stains from bleaching? It has never happened in my studio or any other that I
am acquainted with.  I have bleached out rubber cement, contact cement, and
Scotch tape stains without destroying the paper. I think it safe to say that
others can do the same.  The biggest problems in the bleaching process, are
the possiblility of repulping the paper, bleaching the text ghostly white,
and leaving a residue of the bleaching agent to do further damage as the
paper ages.  There are also bleaching agents that are at best poisonous and
at worst explosive. It's easy to make a mess of things. Caution is always

Ed Stansell

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